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Welcome to The Write Muse.

A website where you can come to learn about my three loves: creative writing, literature and history. I will be sharing with you articles and, in time, online courses. 

About Me

I'm an English and History Secondary teacher and an author. I'm also a lifelong learner. When I'm planning my lessons and teaching I am constantly researching and reading, always discovering new things in literature and history. Research also plays a significant role when I'm planning and drafting a novel, novella, short story or poem.

I'm a prolific reader and read widely across various literary genres. I also enjoy creative non-fiction such as memoirs and books about historical periods I'm interested in.

My love of learning has been instilled further throughout my years of study. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and History, a Graduate Diploma in Humanities, majoring in Theatre Studies and a Master of Letters in Creative Writing. The next goal is to complete my PhD.

I aim to use my love of learning, my dedication to research, and my skills as a teacher to introduce you to the wonderful world of creative writing, literature and history.

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