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Welcome to The Write Muse.

A website where you can come to learn all about romantic fiction. There will be articles and, in time, online courses. 

About Me

I'm an English and History Secondary teacher and an author. I'm also a lifelong learner. When I'm planning my lessons and teaching I am constantly researching and reading, always discovering new things in literature and history. Research also plays a significant role when I'm planning and drafting a novel, novella, short story or poem.

I'm a prolific reader and read widely across various literary genres. I have a passion for romantic and historical fiction. I also enjoy creative non-fiction such as memoirs and books about historical periods I'm interested in.

My love of learning has been instilled further throughout my years of study. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and History, a Graduate Diploma in Humanities, majoring in Theatre Studies and a Master of Letters in Creative Writing. The next goal is to complete my PhD.

I aim to use my love of learning, my dedication to research, and my skills as a teacher to introduce you to the wonderful world of romantic fiction, plus other materials on literature and history.

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